Blog Post

I'm a busy artist, speaker and writer, and I absolutely love what I do (reflective of my book titled Love & Grow Rich).  I'll be sure to share updates on what I'm painting, what I'm writing, where I'm speaking, and how any and all of this can be beneficial to you.  

I do want to tell you I've been writing a screenplay that I'm growing increasingly excited about.  I work on it most mornings before anything else, starting at around 4:45am.  It's one of my passion projects (I have more than one of those), and I look forward to sharing it with the world soon.   

I will be speaking at Rory Fatt's Platinum Elite Program meeting in Nashville, TN in October, and I will be co-leading Joe Polish's ELF Business Blueprint Event in Tempe, AZ on December 7-8.  For more information on the ELF Event you can go to