Hollywood movie to feature the art of Timothy Paulson?

I am so close to completing a screenplay I hope will be made into a Hollywood movie.  It's titled THE REVENGE OF ART, and it's about the World's most celebrated emerging artist who uses art as a weapon of revenge for the death of his father.  

There's intrigue, romance, theft, conflict, and even time-travel - all set in the visually stimulating world of beautiful art.   It's kind of like the movie The Da Vinci Code meets the movie Back to the Future

The movie will be incredibly visually stimulating in that it will have some of the coolest art on the planet used in the movie.  I certainly hope the art of my own creation (some of which is featured on this website) will be part of the movie.  

Off to the Genius Network Annual Event (Scottsdale) with Joe Polish

The business event of the year is Joe Polish's Genius Network Annual Event.  I've attending again this year, and I can hardly wait.  Tony Robbins, JP Sears, Randi Zuckerberg, Peter Diamandis, Dan Sullivan, Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish and others are speaking, and it's going to be epic!  I've been attending Genius Network meetings and events for many years, and it's always amazing.  

It's expensive to attend, and it's by application only.  But if you want to scale-up your business, check it out for next year.  www.GeniusNetwork.com

Can't wait!

Ace Timothy Provance has arrived!

My gorgeous daughter Jenny Kay (the eldest of our five children) and her wonderful husband Adam brought grandchild #3 into the world on September 2nd.  They live close to us so we were able to join them in the hospital shortly after Ace T. was born.

His name is Ace Timothy Provance.  I couldn't be more proud that my grandson bears my name as his middle name.  I feel an added responsibility to live my life in such a way as to make him proud to have my name as his middle name.

I speak around the world, I write books and screenplays, I create art - but nothing is nearly as important to me as my marriage to my eternal companion Kay, and our family!  I love each of them with all my heart!

Blog Post

I'm a busy artist, speaker and writer, and I absolutely love what I do (reflective of my book titled Love & Grow Rich).  I'll be sure to share updates on what I'm painting, what I'm writing, where I'm speaking, and how any and all of this can be beneficial to you.  

I do want to tell you I've been writing a screenplay that I'm growing increasingly excited about.  I work on it most mornings before anything else, starting at around 4:45am.  It's one of my passion projects (I have more than one of those), and I look forward to sharing it with the world soon.   

I will be speaking at Rory Fatt's Platinum Elite Program meeting in Nashville, TN in October, and I will be co-leading Joe Polish's ELF Business Blueprint Event in Tempe, AZ on December 7-8.  For more information on the ELF Event you can go to www.ELFbusiness.com/apply.